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Carbon Fiber Pipe


Product material:Carbon Fiber

Application:Medical treatment, Aerospace, Deep sea exploration

Product process:Winding Process

other:Light weight and high strength

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The product description

Product advantages:

1. Low density, light weight and convenient construction

The quality is lighter than metal aluminum, only about 1/4 of the steel material, and has high toughness;

Occupies less space and has high construction efficiency.

2. Corrosion resistance and strong creep resistance

Resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment, no regular maintenance required, long use time

3. High tensile strength and fatigue resistance

The strength of carbon fiber is extremely high, much higher than that of steel pipe, 6-12 times that of steel, and it can reach more than 3000mpa.

4. High temperature resistance, excellent conductivity

It has advantages in high temperature and high chemical stability.

Application areas:

1. Nautical aerospace (astronomical telescope components) aviation model aircraft

2. Military equipment-bazooka, firearm tube

3. Mechanical equipment (textile machinery, aluminum foil machinery, plastic film machinery, paper machinery, printing/printing machinery industry, packaging machinery, yachts, cruise ships, wind turbines, fan drives, industrial pump systems and cooling)

4. Ocean-tunnel exploration (carbon fiber mechanical arm)

5. Sports goods (tennis rackets, badminton rackets, ice hockey sticks, bicycles, sports protective gear and other sports goods)

6. Audio equipment

7. Building board

8. Medical device parts

9. Supporting rods for surveying and mapping instruments, photographic equipment, camping tents, etc.



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