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Unmanned Remote Control Submersible With Cable-1
ROV, also known as underwater robot, is a kind of extreme working robot working underwater. It can dive into the water to replace some people to complete certain operations. It is powered by the staff on the surface mother ship, is powered by the umbilica
Diving Bell
The diving bell is an unpowered single-person diving vehicle, which mainly meets the needs of submergence rescue and marine oil and gas development, and its shape is nearly spherical. Early submersibles were a container with an open bottom, similar in app
Application Of Buoyancy Material In Deep Sea Transportation Field
​​​​​​​The high hydrostatic pressure, extremely low visibility and poor deep sea environment in the ocean make the equipment used in ocean development depend on the deep sea vehicle system.
Application Of Buoyancy Material In Offshore Oil System
Applications of buoyancy materials: petroleum exploration equipment, Marine petroleum exploitation risers, oil pipelines, large-scale offshore mooring systems.
Application Of Buoyancy Material In Marine Mining System
Buoyancy materials are used in: seabed mining machine, lifting system
Application Of Buoyancy Materials In Marine Monitoring System
Buoyancy materials are used in: submarine target systems, seabed observation stations.
"Pan Kun" Explores The Seabed Secrets, Soaring Blue Whale Provide Buoyancy Materials
On October 19, 2019, members of the OBS laboratory team took the "Marine Geology No. 4" and launched 6 "Pan Kun" independently developed in the sub-basin of the northwestern South China Sea.
Introduction To The Application Of Solid Buoyancy Materials
Solid buoyancy material technology combines the low-density and high-strength characteristics of materials organically, showing unparalleled advantages in the application of marine technology.
Soaring Blue Whale Deep Sea Buoyancy Material
In recent years, countries around the world have paid more and more attention to marine resources, and my country has also vigorously developed marine industries in line with the times. The ocean contains abundant resources, and one of the problems in dev
Why Can Carbon Fiber Make Medical Board
In recent years, carbon fiber has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that carbon fiber itself has extremely high research value. The second is that carbon fiber has many performance advantage
What Is The Use Of Marine Buoys?
Marine buoys are generally divided into two parts, water and underwater. The water part is equipped with a variety of meteorological element sensors to measure meteorological elements such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure and t
Application Of Carbon Fiber Composite Material In Argo Buoy Shell
Argo buoys, also known as self-submerged buoy profile detection buoys, are dedicated to the measurement of ocean subsurface temperature, salt, and deep profiles. The Argo buoy is in a free drifting state in the water. After deployment, it will automatical
Advantages Of Polymer Roller
The polymer roller has the following advantages:
Impact Idler Introduction
Impact idler is used to reduce the impact of falling material on the conveyor belt at the receiving place of the belt conveyor. It is a type of idler developed mainly for corrosive environments such as coal washing plants, coking plants, chemical plants,
Performance Characteristics Of Grooved Idler
What are the performance characteristics of the grooved idler? Today, the technical personnel of the Soring Blue Whale to explain to you, I hope our introduction can help you better.
"Haidou No. 1" successfully dived 10000 meters
"From the sea surface to the 10,000-meter abyss, changes in environmental parameters such as density, pressure, and temperature will cause the buoyancy of the submersible to change by dozens of kilograms. Without the support of a priori data, rely on the
Performance Comparison Of Nylon Roller And Glass Fiber Roller
Nylon is the first synthetic fiber to appear in the world. With the development of time, both the application technology and the scope are relatively mature and extensive. Glass fiber is also an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance.
Application Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Continuous Sucker Rod
The pumping system is composed of a pumping unit, a sucker rod, and a pump. The pumping rod is an important part of the pumping system. It connects the pumping unit and the pump and transmits power to pump crude oil from the ground to the ground.
Ideal Replacement For Idler Rollers Fiberglass Rollers
The glass fiber idler is generally composed of horizontally wound glass fibers plus longitudinally wound glass fibers. The shaft heads are located at both ends of the shell, and the shaft heads are composed of shafts and support plates.
The Significance Of The Emergence Of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber is made of acrylic fiber and viscose fiber after high temperature oxidation and carbonization. Due to the preferred orientation of graphite microcrystalline structure along the fiber axis, carbon fiber has a high modulus and strength. Carbon
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