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Large-scale Marine Mooring System Synthesized By Solid Buoyancy Materials
It is required to install safe mooring and floating devices in the sheltered harbor basin and in the deep water of the open sea for the mooring of ships and water operations. The mooring methods are divided into single-point mooring and multi-point moorin
Introduction Of Underwater Glider
Underwater glider is a new type of underwater robot without plug-in thruster. Due to the use of net buoyancy and attitude angle adjustment to obtain propulsion, the energy consumption is extremely small, only a small amount of energy is consumed when adju
Solid Buoyancy Material For Oil Pipeline
Oil pipelines (also called pipelines and pipelines) are composed of oil pipes and their accessories, and are equipped with corresponding oil pump units according to the needs of the process flow, designed and installed as a complete pipeline system to com
What Are The Uses Of Carbon Fiber Processed Parts
Carbon fiber raw materials appeared more than 100 years ago, and Edison's invention applied it to light bulbs. After these years of development trends, its manufacturing methods have undergone unprecedented tremendous changes. Today, polyacrylonitrile ch
Is Carbon Fiber Composite Material Environmentally Friendly?
The indispensable material conditions of electricity, energy and raw materials, and the gradual advancement of scientific research on them are driving the development trend of the world economy, politics and spiritual culture. However, the excessive excav
Product Features Of Carbon Fiber Tubes
Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum and harder than steel. Their specific gravity is one-quarter of iron and ten times their specific strength. So the carbon fiber tube made of this material is very strong. Through this comparison with other fibers, you
Insight Into The Carbon Fiber Market From 2020 to 2027
On July 10, 2020, foreign GMI Research released the carbon fiber market forecast report for 2020-2027. During the forecast period, the demand for carbon fiber in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and wind energy industries will drive the carbon fiber ma
Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Drone Housing
Along with the development trend of scientific and technological progress, more and more new technology products have appeared in social development. Drones are one of them. For this kind of commodity, due to ensuring its carrying capacity and increasing
Do You Know The Wide Use Of FRP Products
FRP fiber sheet is a material molded by machine. A small part can also be made by hand, but the cost is higher. The glass fiber sheet has good toughness, high strength, small density, excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance, good moldability, a
Performance Characteristics Of Fiber Winding Pultrusion Tube With High Strength, High Quality And Li
The fiber winding pultrusion tube is made of glass fiber and unsaturated resin as the main raw materials, which suppresses the corrosion resistance and high temperature difference of ordinary cable maintenance tubes. Its strength can replace the steel tub
Comprehensive Analysis Of The Difference Between Carbon Fiber Tubes And Steel Tubes
In terms of strength, the tensile strength of carbon fiber is 3000MPa, and the tensile strength of carbon fiber tube made by compounding with resin matrix is about 1500MPa, while the tensile strength of steel is only 300-600MPa, and the tensile strength o
Comprehensive Analysis Of The Use Of Carbon Fiber
The main use of carbon fiber is to compound with resin, metal, ceramic and other substrates to make structural data. Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite data, its comprehensive index of specific strength and specific modulus is in the existing s
Application Of Solid Buoyancy Materials In Offshore Oil Exploitation
1. Underwater buoy module; 2. Anchor buoy; 3. Line bending protection buoy; 4. Navigation buoy; 5. Rising tube buoy; 6. Line bending limit buoy; 7. Submarine cable and pipeline protection; 8. Line bending protection buoy; 9. Marine drilling riser buoy ; 1
Introduction Of Glass Fiber Blasting Cylinder And Steel Blasting Cylinder
Regardless of whether it is a glass fiber carbon dioxide blasting cylinder or a steel carbon dioxide blasting cylinder, the liquefied carbon dioxide is heated to accumulate and expand, generating a huge explosive power, thereby achieving the purpose of bl
Analysis On The Advantages Of UPE Ball Mill Lining Plate
The function of the ball mill liner is to protect the barrel of the ball mill from direct impact and friction of the grinding body and the material. At the same time, different forms of liner can also be used to adjust the movement state of the grinding b
Application Of Solid Buoyancy Material In Underwater Cable Laying Machine
Underwater cable laying machine is a special machine for cable laying. Its forms are: crawler cable laying machine, drum cable laying machine, pulley cable laying machine, etc.
Post-processing Technology Of Carbon Fiber Composite Material
Carbon fiber composite materials are favored by many industries because of their superior performance. High strength and low density are basically the most well-known labels of carbon fiber composite materials. Generally, the molding process of carbon fib
Carbon Fiber Production Process
Carbon fiber production is a process of high energy consumption. Since the processing is a quasi-continuous process, the production time for each product batch may take several weeks.

The production begins with specially processed high-quality polyacry
Introduce The Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber is made of high-quality polyacrylonitrile (PAN) as a raw material through a special process. PAN-based carbon fiber bundle filaments have 1000 to 48000 filaments, each filament diameter is 5-7μm. Carbon fiber is usually cured with resin to fo
Unmanned Remote Control Submersible With Cable-2
The 3500m deep sea observation and sampling type ROV (see picture) equipped on the Ocean One Scientific Expedition Ship is mainly used for ocean bottom investigation activities, including submarine hydrothermal mineral sampling, research and exploration o
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