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Development of one of the new marine equipment: titanium alloy pressure cabin
The development of strategic oceans is a major issue of this century, and seawater contains more oxides and sulfides, and seawater has a strong pressure on engineering components. This puts forward corrosion resistance, high strength, and good properties
Carbon Fiber VS Steel: Which Is Stronger?
For a long time, metal steel materials have been widely used to make strong and durable structures. In contrast, carbon fiber is a relatively new structural material, but its performance is excellent and impressive, so it poses a great threat to steel mat
Application Of Solid Buoyancy Materials In The Lifting System
Raising ore is an important part of the deep-sea mineral resource mining technology. It can be used for the mining of different minerals. It is a common technology in the deep-sea mining technology system. In the deep-sea mining system, the lifting system
What Material Is 3k Carbon Fiber Board
3K matte carbon fiber board is a kind of carbon fiber composite material board, it is black board, can be painted, and can be customized 1mm-20mm can be customized processing, the size can be processed according to customer requirements.
Application Of Solid Buoyancy Materials To Subsea Mining Machines
In the deep-sea mining system, mining methods mainly include continuous chain bucket, submarine remote control vehicle, and fluid lifting. Our country adopts a
Application Of Solid Buoyancy Materials In Marine Mining Systems
Deep-sea mining technology is the core of the development of deep-sea metal mineral resources, including the collection of deep-sea minerals, subsea hose convey
Carbon Fiber Tube Customization Process Analysis
Carbon fiber tubes are mainly made of carbon fiber prepregs that are wound and pultruded. According to different product properties, different prepregs and mold
Glass Fiber And Carbon Fiber, How To Choose The Material You Need?
Now most people may think that carbon fiber is better than glass fiber in all aspects. In fact, they have their own advantages. In terms of electrical performan
Application Of Solid Buoyancy Materials In Submarine Observation Stations
Laying a submarine networked observation platform on the seabed can not only accurately transmit information, but also reliably transmit energy. By installing t
Is The Carbon Fiber Body Safe?
With the rapid development of carbon fiber, its application fields are becoming more and more extensive. In recent years, due to its light weight, high strength
T700 Carbon Fiber Composite Material Performance
As a new type of high-performance composite material, carbon fiber composite materials have very good mechanical properties. In the research of carbon fiber com
Carbon Fiber + Solar Energy = A Drone That Lasts For One Year?
Endurance is an important technical indicator of drones. The flight time of an ordinary drone is about 10-20 minutes; even a diesel-powered drone has a longest
The Use Of Carbon Fiber Board In Various Industries
Carbon fiber boards are generally used in places with low weight, high rigidity, and high conductivity, or where the appearance characteristics of carbon fiber boards are required.
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fiber Material
Carbon fiber material is a fibrous carbon material with a carbon content of more than 90%. It is made of organic fibers-polypropylene fiber, viscose fiber, bitumen fiber and other raw filaments through pre-oxidation, carbonization, graphitization and othe
The Characteristics And Application Of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Carbon fiber is a commonly used new material, and various reinforcement projects are used more frequently. Carbon fiber reinforcement includes carbon fiber cloth reinforcement and carbon fiber board reinforcement. The use of carbon fiber materials in the
The Superior Performance Of Carbon Fiber Board Supports The Development Of The Automotive Industry
Soaring Blue Whale has noticed that with the development and progress of science and technology, more industries, especially the automotive industry, are increa
Advantages Of Fiberglass Rod
The glass fiber rod is a composite material with glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as the reinforcing material and synthetic re
What Are The Performance Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Medical Board
Carbon fiber composite materials have been widely used in many fields due to their excellent performance, such as aerospace, automobile industry, rail transit, etc. With people’s concern about health and the continuous development of modern medical scienc
What Are The Skills To Distinguish Good And Bad Carbon Fiber?
The main factor to distinguish between true and false must be the price. Because the process of manufacturing carbon fiber products is complicated and the cost of its own materials is not cheap, there is definitely no good product if cheap. If you buy che
How To Improve The Material Of Carbon Fiber Tube?
Carbon fiber is widely used due to its superior strength to steel and excellent weight reduction effect. Carbon fiber tube is the main application form. Usually carbon fiber tube will have some defects, so how to improve the quality of the tube is particu
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