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Application Of Solid Buoyancy Materials To Subsea Mining Machines

In the deep-sea mining system, mining methods mainly include continuous chain bucket, submarine remote control vehicle, and fluid lifting. Our country adopts a fluid lifting mining system, the principle of which is to lift the nodule ore collected by the seabed mining machine to the sea surface mining ship through a vertical lifting pipeline with the help of fluid lifting power. This kind of mining system must use a mining machine. The mining machine is the first link in the technology chain of the pilot mining system for most metal nodules in China. It is the core unit to realize the mining operation. It integrates multiple technologies such as machinery, electricity, hydraulics, control, and materials, and is the only one in the entire mining system. For equipment with self-motion function, its function strength directly affects the realization of system function. Its main function is to walk on the sparse and soft seabed in the polymetallic nodule mining area, continuously collect the nodule ore that occurs on the surface of the seabed sediment, and according to the nodule transportation process requirements, the collected nodule ore is deslimed and crushed, and then Transported to the lifting system, it also has the ability to automatically cross obstacles, avoid obstacles and prevent subsidence, which can achieve higher collection efficiency. The key technical problems solved by the mining machine are currently modularized and can be easily transplanted to many equipment. They can be directly used for underwater operations such as port dredging, submarine pipeline maintenance, deep-sea cable burying/cutting, salvage, and deep-sea accident investigation. It has a good prospect for industrial transformation.

The solid buoyancy material is used in the mining machine, mainly as a weight adjustment component (buoyancy body), and an important part of the mining machine. The main function is to adjust the buoyancy state of the mining machine during underwater operation to ensure the mining machine Work stably underwater. In the 1990s, the Ocean Chemical Research Institute manufactured and processed the main floating body for the mining machine for the Changsha Mine Research Institute. The density is 0.33g/cm3, the compressive strength is 5MPa, and it can be used for 500m underwater, completing the pool test and lake test collection operations. Verification test.