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Carbon Fiber Tube Customization Process Analysis

Carbon fiber tubes are mainly made of carbon fiber prepregs that are wound and pultruded. According to different product properties, different prepregs and molds are selected to produce different carbon fiber tubes and carbon fiber tubes. It is also divided into round pipes and square pipes. According to the different surface textures of the pipes, there are plain weave and twill, or some secondary processing processes using paint.

There are four main characteristics of carbon fiber tube:

1. Low density and light weight. The density is less than 1/4 of steel.
2. It has a very good tensile strength (for example, calculated in units of 12000 filaments, its tensile strength is 400 kg/mm2).
3. Excellent electrical conductivity (1.5×10-3Ωcm), with very good tensile strength (for example, calculated in units of 12000 filaments, the tensile strength is 400 kg/mm2).
4. High tensile strength: The strength of carbon fiber is 6-12 times that of steel and can reach more than 3000mpa.

Carbon fiber tube process

The process of carbon fiber tube mainly includes winding and pultrusion. Of course, some carbon fiber tubes are formed by coiling and molding. Pultrusion is a common carbon fiber tube forming process. When pultruding a hollow tube, a "floating mandrel" is required. The chrome-plated steel rod is firmly fixed at the proper position where the raw material enters the side of the mold. The mounting hardware is far enough away so that it will not interfere with the impregnated fibers when they enter the mold. The space between the mandrel and the mold will determine the wall thickness of the carbon fiber tube. Pultruded carbon fiber pipe allows the production of pipes of almost any length. The winding process generally consists of the following sequence: mandrel or lining manufacturing, glue preparation, fiber baking, dipping, winding, curing, testing, etc. Choosing reasonable winding process parameters is an important condition for giving full play to the characteristics of raw materials and manufacturing high-quality carbon fiber winding products.

Carbon fiber tubes have very good mechanical properties, such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and light weight. They are widely used in many fields. Shandong Soaring Blue Whale  current workshop has customized carbon fiber tubes from all walks of life. The quantity is large, which can ensure the light weight of the carbon fiber roller tube, better achieve high-precision effect and reduce energy consumption, and ensure the cost reduction of the enterprise after the use of carbon fiber roller tube.