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T700 Carbon Fiber Composite Material Performance

As a new type of high-performance composite material, carbon fiber composite materials have very good mechanical properties. In the research of carbon fiber composite materials, there are also carbon fiber composite materials with various properties. T700 is one of them, and there is also T300/ T500/T800/T1000, etc., compared with T700 carbon fiber composite materials, they belong to high-performance carbon fiber composite materials. The difference between their respective properties is the difference in strength.

Models such as carbon fiber T700 are mainly related to mechanical properties. The important performance of the research is the tensile strength. The strength of T300 carbon fiber can reach 3.5Gpa; the tensile strength of T700 can reach 4.9Gpa. The difference here is our choice. The matrix is ​​different, the carbon fiber used in the carbon fiber T700 is 12K carbon fiber bundle.

Carbon fiber T700 is also an important carbon fiber composite material currently mass-produced in China. Its tensile modulus can reach 240Gpa. With the country’s strong support for scientific research projects, I believe the production performance of domestic T700 carbon fiber will be further improved. It can quickly keep up with European and American countries. Because of the carbon fiber bundle, the surface activity of T700 carbon fiber is not high. Therefore, the performance of T700 carbon fiber of many manufacturers is not very good.