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Carbon Fiber + Solar Energy = A Drone That Lasts For One Year?

Endurance is an important technical indicator of drones. The flight time of an ordinary drone is about 10-20 minutes; even a diesel-powered drone has a longest endurance record of only a few days. 

Prismatic and BAE Systems Airlines are cooperating to develop a new type of solar-powered electric drone-PHASA-35, which is likely to be the unmanned aircraft with the longest flight time and higher altitude so far.
The UAV has a wingspan of 35 meters, which is about half that of a Boeing 747. However, it is also very light, using an innovative carbon fiber structure, weighing only 150 kg-equivalent to 0.05% of the 747's maximum take-off weight.
The drone can fly in the stratosphere 70,000 feet from the earth, and it is expected that a flight can last up to a full year. Once successfully developed, the drone will be widely used for basic communications, providing GPS coverage for remote areas, and optical imaging research.