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The Use Of Carbon Fiber Board In Various Industries

Many auto parts in the auto parts market are made of carbon fiber and are treated with a transparent coating. The unique carbon fiber weaving has become a symbol of high technology and high performance.
The automotive industry has not yet adopted carbon fiber sheets in bulk because of the high cost of raw materials. However, high-end cars are using carbon fiber. In many cases, this is not because of performance or weight benefits, but because of appearance.
Carbon fiber sheet for automotive industry

Lightweight, high-strength equipment has obvious advantages in sports. For example, using a lighter tennis racket can achieve a faster racket speed. In addition, high-level cyclists choose carbon fiber bicycles and use carbon fiber bicycle shoes for this reason.
Leisure sports is another area where carbon fiber boards are used. Carbon fiber boards can improve the performance of sports equipment. Tennis rackets, golf clubs, softball sticks, hockey sticks and archery arrows and bows are all products usually made of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials.
Carbon fiber for sporting goods

Every kilogram of weight reduced can make a huge difference in fuel consumption, which is why Boeing’s new 787 has become the best-selling passenger aircraft in history. Most of the structure of the aircraft is carbon fiber panels.
Aerospace is the first industry to adopt carbon fiber board, and the light weight of carbon fiber board is the main reason for its wide application in the aerospace industry. The high modulus of carbon fiber board allows it to structurally replace alloys such as aluminum and titanium.
Application of carbon fiber board in aerospace

Carbon fiber boards are generally used in places with low weight, high rigidity, and high conductivity, or where the appearance characteristics of carbon fiber boards are required.