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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fiber Material

Carbon fiber material is a fibrous carbon material with a carbon content of more than 90%. It is made of organic fibers-polypropylene fiber, viscose fiber, bitumen fiber and other raw filaments through pre-oxidation, carbonization, graphitization and other processes. , Is a high-performance material, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber materials.

Advantages of carbon fiber material:
1. Light specific gravity, the density is generally 1.70 g/cm~1.80g/cm
2. High strength, it can reach 1200MPa~7000MPa, which is 7-10 times that of steel with the same cross section.
3. The elastic modulus is very good, reaching 200GPa~400GPa, similar to steel.
4. The coefficient of thermal expansion is close to zero, and can even be negative
5. The carbon fiber material can not only resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, but also has good corrosion performance, and it can still work normally in harsh and complex environments.
6. Carbon fiber material also has abrasion resistance and impact resistance, which has obvious advantages over general materials.
7. It has good permeability and is very popular in the medical industry. The manufactured medical bed has a high X-ray transmittance, which can reduce the radiation damage of X-rays to patients.
8. The carbon fiber material is a conductive material with good conductivity.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber material:
1. After being processed into carbon fiber products, it is brittle and easy to break. This shortcoming makes it more difficult in mechanical processing.
2. The price is higher. Because of its complicated process, it is generally not possible to mass produce, so the price will be more expensive.