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The Characteristics And Application Of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Carbon fiber is a commonly used new material, and various reinforcement projects are used more frequently. Carbon fiber reinforcement includes carbon fiber cloth reinforcement and carbon fiber board reinforcement. The use of carbon fiber materials in the reinforcement and repair of concrete structures began in the 1980s in the United States, Japan and other developed countries. Generally speaking, this technology started very late, but it also involves the rapid development of economic construction and transportation. A considerable part of the existing buildings has historical problems caused by the design standards at that time. Some buildings have changed due to the use of functions. There are many commonly used reinforcement methods, such as: enlarged section method, expanded steel reinforcement method, bonded steel reinforcement method, carbon fiber reinforcement method, etc. Carbon fiber reinforced and repaired structure technology is another new type of structural reinforcement technology after increasing concrete cross-section and bonding steel.

As an epoch-making reinforcement material, carbon fiber has the following characteristics and has attracted much attention and attention:

(1) High tensile strength, 7-10 times that of steel with the same cross-section.

(2) Light weight, density is only 1/4 of ordinary steel.

(3) Good durability, can resist chemical corrosion, harsh environment, and climate change.

(4) The construction is convenient and quick, labor-saving and time-saving, and the construction quality is easy to guarantee.

(5) The scope of application is wide, and concrete members, steel structures, and wooden structures can all be reinforced. It can greatly improve the bearing capacity, seismic performance and durability of the components.

The application of carbon fiber reinforcement technology is becoming more and more extensive. The research on carbon fiber reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete structures is relatively mature, while the research on carbon fiber reinforced masonry structure, steel structure and wood structure is still in the initial stage. Carbon fiber reinforcement technology has a broad application prospect, and the study of carbon fiber reinforcement technology is of great significance to engineering practice.