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What Are The Performance Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Medical Board

Carbon fiber composite materials have been widely used in many fields due to their excellent performance, such as aerospace, automobile industry, rail transit, etc. With people’s concern about health and the continuous development of modern medical science and technology, carbon fiber is a new emerging Structural materials are gradually being used in medical devices. Let’s take a look at the advantages of carbon fiber medical boards.

Carbon fiber board can be used for operating table or radiotherapy panel and cushion board, mainly because the carbon fiber material has a series of characteristics such as impact resistance, easy cleaning, fire and moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. The strength and rigidity required by medical devices in the use process have become the ideal medical board at present.

Carbon fiber can be used to make medical boards, a large part of the reason is that carbon fiber materials have good X-ray transmission properties. The elemental composition of resin in carbon fiber composite materials is C, H, O, and the elemental composition of carbon fiber is C. The absorption coefficient of X-ray mass is very small, which is much lower than that of general materials. Because of this excellent X-ray transmission performance, carbon fiber composite materials allow rays to be irradiated on the bed at any angle without refraction. Clear contrast can be obtained with only a small dose of rays, thereby reducing the burden on patients and medical staff harm.