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What Are The Skills To Distinguish Good And Bad Carbon Fiber?

The main factor to distinguish between true and false must be the price. Because the process of manufacturing carbon fiber products is complicated and the cost of its own materials is not cheap, there is definitely no good product if cheap. If you buy cheap carbon fiber finished products, then you are very big Probably buy fake carbon fiber products with sticky paper and carbon fiber paint.

Second, the quality of carbon fiber can be distinguished with the naked eye. To put it simply, you have to check-some subtle places or detailed positions, because the carbon fiber parts are spread, resin glue, vacuum treatment, high-temperature baking process, therefore, any step may affect The three-dimensional feeling of the carbon fiber pattern is to be better presented, which is a test of the master's manual ability. The details of the carbon fiber corners and the transition points can well express the clarity and silky degree of the carbon fiber texture. 

In addition, some products are "you guessed it" and you don't know enough about carbon fiber products. They often add PU material in the middle part to increase the thickness of carbon fiber. The simple way to distinguish is to observe the bottom of the carbon fiber. If the bottom is not carbon fiber, then it is not a carbon fiber part. Because carbon fiber—it must be a common dark gray, if you see other colors, it must be a fake. Of course, for products with deep routines. , The carbon fiber content of the product can be distinguished by "finger tapping", and the sounds produced by the two are different.