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How To Improve The Material Of Carbon Fiber Tube?

Carbon fiber is widely used due to its superior strength to steel and excellent weight reduction effect. Carbon fiber tube is the main application form. Usually carbon fiber tube will have some defects, so how to improve the quality of the tube is particularly important. Soaring Blue Whale Carbon Fiber has summarized the experience in the production process for many years. This article mainly introduces how to improve the quality of carbon fiber tubes.

Since we want to improve the quality of carbon fiber tubes, we must first understand the reasons for the defects of carbon fiber pipes. Generally, the surface defects of carbon fiber tubes mainly include wrinkles and streaks. The traceability of the causes is mainly concentrated in the link of prepreg layering. When laying layers, if sufficient tension is not applied to compress the prepreg layer quickly, the prepregs of each layer will be relatively loose and the overall thickness will increase. But if it is pressurized, it will bring about contraction force, causing the carbon fiber to bend and discount. In addition, some auxiliary materials are needed in the prepreg layer, and these auxiliary materials can also cause wrinkles when compressed.

After talking about the reasons, I will introduce the solutions below. The first important step is to combine the pre-compression and temperature in the laying process of carbon fiber prepreg. Generally, it is at a certain temperature after every few layers. Perform pre-compression, such timely pre-compression can prevent the accumulation of loose fiber layers. Both the resin content and tube thickness in carbon fiber composite materials can be effectively controlled. Secondly, it is very important to choose a suitable mold. The choice of mold has a greater impact on the outer diameter. For the material of the core mold, a metal material with good rigidity is also required to increase the density and rigidity of the carbon fiber pipe. In addition, the heat shrinking process can also be used to improve the surface quality and accuracy of carbon fiber tubes.