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Advantages Of Polymer Roller

The polymer roller has the following advantages:

1. Long life-- compared to the steel roller, the service life is more than 3-5 times.
2. Protect the belt-- the surface of the polymer roller tube is smooth, non-magnetic, does not absorb iron powder, dust and various viscous materials; the friction coefficient with the belt is extremely low, and it has self-lubricating non-stick material. These advantages are all effective. Protection belt, extend 20% service life.
3. Light weight-- only one-third of the steel roller and one-fifth of the ceramic roller, which is convenient for construction and installation, and has good power saving effect.

4. Low noise-- the noise is only one tenth of the steel roller, which effectively improves the working environment.

5. Special working conditions-- Acid, alkali, salt and even strong acid (except high temperature nitric acid), strong alkali, strong salt and other chemical corrosive working conditions.

6. Excellent price-performance ratio-- The price is slightly higher than that of steel idler, which can bring huge cost savings to customers during its service life.

7. Material advantages-- The overall material has excellent toughness, can absorb vibration well, reduce noise, protect bearings, and extend life.

8. Ensure safe production-- Effectively avoid the production accident of tearing the belt when the steel roller roll is damaged; and avoid the danger of increasing the friction with the belt when the steel roller is not rotating, which is likely to cause fire hazards .