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Performance Characteristics Of Grooved Idler

What are the performance characteristics of the grooved idler? Today, the technical personnel of the Soring Blue Whale to explain to you, I hope our introduction can help you better
1. The grooved idler has the characteristics of corrosion resistance: acid and alkali salts are difficult to corrode it.
2. Strong hardness of grooved roller: strong wear resistance.
3. Good sealing: grooved rollers are fully sealed, and plastic labyrinth seals are installed at both ends, oil and grease will not leak, extending the service life of the rolling shaft; grooved rollers operate in a fully sealed state.

4. Ceramic surface of grooved idler roller: It forms an oxide film, the surface is smooth, no material is adhered, the friction coefficient of contact with the conveyor belt is small, and the driving force of the winch is reduced.
5. Long service life of grooved rollers: grooved rollers are 2-5 times longer than steel rollers, and can reduce belt wear, the belt does not run, and extends the life of the belt.
6. Low operating cost: grooved idler can reduce the overall cost of belt conveyor and reduce maintenance man-hours.