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"Haidou No. 1" successfully dived 10000 meters

"From the sea surface to the 10,000-meter abyss, changes in environmental parameters such as density, pressure, and temperature will cause the buoyancy of the submersible to change by dozens of kilograms. Without the support of a priori data, rely on the buoyancy model calculation and configuration of the project team. It is a miracle to achieve the neutral buoyancy state of the "Haidou No. 1" ten thousand meters near the sea floor." The scientific research personnel introduced.
The dive depth of Haidou is 10907 meters, which has set the record of the largest dive depth of my country's submersibles and filled the gap of my country's 10,000-meter unmanned submersible.
The 10,000-meter deep sea can both dive and float, relying on buoyancy materials that pass through. The solid buoyant material that can withstand the pressure of 10,000 meters in the deep sea must have high compressive strength, low water absorption, and good stability while the density is small. This experiment was successful, breaking through the high modulus and high epoxy resin matrix The key technology of toughness matching, the manufacture of low-density and high-modulus deep-sea solid buoyancy materials, indicates that China has mastered the development and production technology of 10,000-meter-level buoyancy materials, breaking the long-term dependence of China's deep-sea buoyancy materials on imports. It is a milestone in China's marine technology.