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Application Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Continuous Sucker Rod

The pumping system is composed of a pumping unit, a sucker rod, and a pump. The pumping rod is an important part of the pumping system. It connects the pumping unit and the pump and transmits power to pump crude oil from the ground to the ground. The initial sucker rods were made of metal, but the application environment of the sucker rods was relatively harsh and contacted with crude oil. The crude oil contained moisture, acid and alkali substances, and sulfides. The metal was easily corroded, which greatly shortened the metal sucker Service life of oil rod.

As the depth of oil wells increases, the weight of the metal sucker rods places a heavy burden on the pumping unit. In order to overcome the shortcomings of ordinary steel sucker rods, such as high quality, high energy consumption, frequent failure, and easy wear, professionals began to seek other materials. After years of hard work, the continuous sucker rod of carbon fiber composite material has stood out among many materials.
What is the point of the carbon fiber continuous sucker rod?

1. Corrosion resistance, can prolong the pump inspection cycle and extend the service life;
2. Small density, reduce the weight of the sucker rod, reduce the burden of the pumping unit, and save energy;
3. High elastic modulus, can optimize mixed sucker rod string, can increase crude oil output;
4. Wear-resistant, flexible, less friction with the tubing, protect the tubing;
5. Reduce the failure frequency and piston effect of the sucker rod. There is no hoop in the middle of the carbon fiber sucker rod to reduce the failure and piston effect caused by the hoop.
6. The operation speed of the carbon fiber sucker rod is fast, which reduces the burden on the workers.
With the gradual increase in the number of deep wells, ultra-deep wells, corroded wells and partial grinding wells in oilfield exploitation in China, the mining intensity is also increasing. As a continuous carbon fiber sucker rod, it has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and resistance. The new type of sucker rod with partial grinding, energy saving and more convenient operation has gradually been widely promoted among major oilfield companies.