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Ideal Replacement For Idler Rollers Fiberglass Rollers

The glass fiber idler is generally composed of horizontally wound glass fibers plus longitudinally wound glass fibers. The shaft heads are located at both ends of the shell, and the shaft heads are composed of shafts and support plates.

Glass fiber rollers have obvious advantages, anti-static, anti-corrosion, waterproof effect is significantly better than metal rollers, ceramic rollers, nylon rollers, rubber rollers, etc., is an ideal substitute for the above materials.
What is the excellent performance of glass fiber dragging?
1. It has good antistatic performance, good insulation performance and strong flame retardant performance. In a flammable and explosive environment,        work will not produce electric sparks, which greatly improves work safety performance.
2. Strong corrosion resistance and heat resistance, it can work in high humidity and high corrosion environments such as chemical plants, salt fields,             phosphate fertilizer fields, etc., and it can also work in high dust and high humidity environments, which can greatly improve the support roller Service       life.
3. Light weight, smooth surface, small friction coefficient, can make the belt conveyor start faster, start power is small, can reduce the energy                          consumption of the equipment.
Glass fiber rollers can be widely used in transportation fields such as iron and steel metallurgy and mining.